Children's Paradise

Dowell ·Children's Paradise, the first children-focused community
Dowell is the first developer to focus on child in China, and established the "Children's Paradise" system for children's growth, which provides various auxiliary facilities and services in the community to help the children grow up healthily and happily. Children's Paradise 1.0 had been launched at Chongqing Dowell D7 by the end of 2014, the 2.0 version design has been completed and currently under construction.

Different needs in growth process to be met
babyhood(Age 0 – 1)
Satisfy the needs of children and parents, as well as the curiosity of children to the outside world to stimulate their interests in walking.
nursery(Age 1 – 3)
Build amusement parks to promote interaction between children and family members and have children to play together.
kindergarten(Age 3 – 6)
Build a paradise only for children to let them discover themselves in exploration and harvest surprises while growing up.
primary school(Age 6 – 12)
Fully satisfy the needs of children in sports, study and social life to let them grow up healthily and happily.

Multi-level security system   Triplex service system
  Round corners 
  Safe zone away from danger
   All-around parental watching
  Security guard for lost prevention
  Non-toxic and stingless plants
    Property Service
  Community Service
  Supporting Service