Dowell Culture


Faith: Everyday is A New Day

To create new idea and new experience, Dowell encourages and inspires the team to explore their own growth path and establishes new career with partners on a win-win basis. "Everyday is a new day" is Dowell people's energy for a new day and vitality for self-surpassing.


Understanding of work: Fun and Young

Finding, creating and enjoying fun in work are the key factor of business innovation. Positive, young and vigor are Dowell's power to move forward and surpass itself.


View on talents: responsibility, cooperate and energy

Dowell Real Estate attracts talents to build the elite teams by its employment principles of "responsibility, cooperation and energy". Dowell people are responsible, mutually trusted and have the team spirit of mutual encouragement to create every new day with open and positive attitude.



Employment and training system

Many top professionals have joined us because of their recognition to Dowell Real Estate's development prospect and corporate culture. Through the professional manager selection and development progress like "management trainee" and "marketing trainee" programs, Dowell Real Estate is promoting the talent cultivation.

Management Trainee Program

A program for excellent fresh graduates with master's degree or bachelor's degree to be trained as "Professional Managers" in areas of human resource, marketing, investment, R&D, operation, project management, cost management, finance, risk management and customer relations.


Salary and staff welfare

Dowell Real Estate provides the employee with generous and competitive salaries under its effective performance appraisal mechanism and development system. Dowell regularly evaluate and adjusts employees' compensation based on their performance. Competitive salaries as well as internal fairness are guaranteed.
Meanwhile, Dowell keeps improving the welfare from various aspects. Relocated employees will not only be benefited from the housing and home leave compensation, but also get benefits for their families.