Three Delicate Life Series

Themed Mall

With the gross floor area over 50,000 sq.m, the urban landmark themed mall is distinctively featured by it's design, location and service.
Representative project: Dowell 1891· Time Tunnel (Chongqing)

Shopping Center

Regional themed shopping center is mostly featured by large department store or leisure center. With the gross floor area of over 50,000 sq.m, it's a one-stop shopping center with retail, F&B, leisure, entertainment and other services.
Representative project: Dongyuan Metro Park (Chongqing)

Community Shopping

Neighborhood shopping center: featured by supermarket, retail and lifestyle services, with gross floor area of 3,000-20,000 sq.m. 
Representative Project: Dowell DDM (Chongqing)
Commercial Street: featured by department stores or hypermarkets, with gross floor area of 20,000-50,000 sq.m. 
Representative project: Dowell Lewo, Dowell Lejjie Street and Dowell LLH (Chongqing)