Founded in Chongqing, Spreading to Southwest China

In 2004, Dowell Real Estate was founded in Chongqing.
In 2007, Dowell Real Estate entered Chengdu market, starting its expansion in Southwest China.


Nationwide Expansion

In 2010, Dowell Real Estate's 7 projects for sale, announced its achievement in Chongqing market.
In 2012, Dowell Real Estate entered Wuhan market and started its expansion in Central China.
In 2013, Dowell Real Estate merged with Doyen and started its nationwide expansion.

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In 2014, Dowell Real Estate was merged into Dima (SH.600565) to boost the expansion with the support of capital market. In the same year, Dowell Real Estate entered Shanghai market, then Nanjing the next year, and achieved its expansion in East China. Now Dowell Real Estate has successfully achieved its national presence in Chongqing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Shanghai, Nanjing and Suzhou.
Since 2015, Dowell Real Estate has commenced the diversified strategic collaboration with several outstanding enterprises, to further facilitate its growth and expansion.